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Abbreviations or Shortenings in modern English: Tendentions of their development

The review

In the process of communication words and word-groups should be shortened. The causes of shortening can be linguistic and extra-linguistic. By extra-linguistic causes changes in the life of people are meant. In Modern English many new abbreviations, acronyms, initials, blends are formed because the tempo of life is increasing and it becomes necessary to give more and more information in the shortest possible time.

 The present graduation bachelor’s paper is entitled “Abbreviations or Shortenings in modern English: Tendentions of their development”.  The given Graduation Paper gives us a notion for the Abbreviations, their classification and stylistic functions in modern linguistics.

 The chief purpose of this paper is to detect those peculiarities of process of abbreviation formation in modern English. One of the principle objectives is to enlarge upon development of modern English lexical units

The actuality of the given Graduation Paper is caused by the dynamics of the development of modern English. Abbreviations make our life easier. However, when using them, we shouldn’t overdo it. The abbreviations, the subject of study, are the most intensively developing units of English. Consequently, there is the distinctive interest to abbreviations in modern linguistics.

 Abbreviating work or academic titles is common practice in the UK.  It was resumed that people in business got used many abbreviations mostly because economic terms tend to be too long. It is hard to make a list of them because there are so many of them. The best thing to do is to learn them progressively. 

Graphical abbreviations are the result of shortening of words and word-groups only in written speech while orally the corresponding full forms are used. They are used for the economy of space and effort in writing.

The first (theoretical) part starts with a detailed definition of abbreviations in general. Having dwelled at some length on the notion of shortenings and its divisions, we proceed to the stylistic functions of abbreviations. The second (analytical) part of our research work presents the investigation of a broadly based selection of different types of abbreviations according to their classification and stylistic functions.   The material of the scientific study comprises analysis of article on technological terminology “The Evolution of Third-generation Cellular Standards”. The analysis of the rest abbreviation groups in scientific texts is based on the analysis of the modern dictionaries: Bloomsbury Dictionary of New Words; The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English; The Longman Register of New Words; Longman Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs; Longman Lexicon of Contemporary English.

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