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The title

Pre-reading expectations

I have decided to read the story "The country of the blind" by H. G. Wells.

The story title is intriguing and controversial.

As far as the plot and the genre are concerned I expect the story to be mystical and fantastic. I suppose it tells about relationships among people in a made-up remote country but it itself is rather developed. I believe the people there are not likely to be really blind. But if they are it may be a symbol of ‘mental blindness’ of the people in general.

I expect the story to describe a short period of the country’s residents’ lives. It may be connected with a family or with the life of one person. I suppose the story to describe their way of life and to tell about some special occasions.

I think there should be a lot of symbols in the story and we should confront the phenomena of the country with the real world.

I believe that there may be different levels of understanding the title. Certainly, it is symbolic and metaphorical. First of all, I suppose the author to mean the whole world by saying the country. So the blind are people in general, i. e. every person may belong to the group.

The first way of understanding the title is that people behave as if they were blind. They cannot and even do not want to see anything happening in the world around. They are reserved and selfish. They just do not want to take notice of other people’s feelings and wishes.

The word blind also may mean that people are not able to understand others. Physically blind people are deprived of the capacity to see, they just are not able to do that. So H. G. Wells probably means that people are not and will not be able to perceive other people’s actions and thoughts even if they want to.

The title may also be ironic and sarcastic. In that case we should understand the word blind conversely. So the author means that people want to know everything. They notice everything happening in other people’s lives. And, of course, they are able to see that.

Anyway, I expect the story to deal with the problems of understanding people, their establishing relationships and other related issues. I do not exclude that the story may be connected with some political matters.

Post-reading analysis

Having read the story, I can say that the title conveys the major meaning of the story.

Firstly, I would like to say that the country is a symbol of the whole world, so the blind are real people, people on the whole.

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