Тест по предмету: «Английский язык» (4 сем) — контрольная

Исправьте ошибки в предложениях.

My brother goes to university.

English is an international language.

I don’t like to swim. (I don’t like swimming) — оба варианта равноправны.

I arrived at Heathrow airport at ten o’clock last night.

She could speak three languages when she was ten.

Where did you go last night?

I saw Jeremy’s wife at the shops.

I can’t go out because I have a lot of homework.

A table is in the kitchen.

I was in the cinema last week.

My children like their school very much.

I bought a new video.

Did you watch football on TV last evening?

Italian people are very artistic.

I like cities because I can go to the theatre.

Соотнесите вопросы с ответами.

Whose is this coat? – It’s Jan’s.

How many cats have you got? – Three.

How much did your bike cost? — £100.

Could you help please? – Yes, of course. What can I do for you?

Would you like some more to eat? – No, thanks. I’m full.

Do you like Henry? – Yes, he’s very nice.

Where are you going on holiday? – To Turkey.

Why are you going to the chemist’s? – To by some toothpaste.

What did you do last night? – I stayed at home.

Who’s the new teacher? – Her name’s Mrs. Taylor.

Напишите форму Past Simple для следующих глаголов.











Какое глагольное время следует употребить Present Simple or Present Continuous.

Pierre smokes twenty cigarettes a day, but he isn’t smoking now because he’s in class.

Alice and Peter are looking for a new house.

I always wear nice clothes for work.

Why are you going to bed? It’s only 10.00. I always go to bed early.

Jane works in a bank, but today she’s at home. She is writing letters.

Подберите слова, соотносящиеся друг с другом.

Easter Day — egg

Cupboard — kitchen

Wallet — money

Library — borrow

Check-in-desk – arrival hall

Smell — nose

Welcome to Britain! – luggage

Son — sun

Congratulations! — wedding

Recipe — chef

Soldier – war

Подберите антонимы (противоположные по значению слова)

Wonderful – horrible

Win — lose

King — queen

Abroad – at home

Before — after

Clean — dirty

Late — early

Begin — finish

Interesting — boring

Difficult – easy

Напишите недостающие степени сравнения прилагательных


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