Перевод ненормативной лексики — курсовая работа



Chapter 1. The concept of slang and the problem of its translation.

Chapter 2. Comparative analysis (Helen Fielding. Bridget Jones’s Diary)




Adequacy of translation/interpretation is always very important, the role of translator/interpreter as the main participant of the translation/interpretation process should not be underestimated. International community needs adequate and equivalent texts – that are results of the translation/interpretation process

This term paper deals with the problem of translating obscene vocabulary, the problem that is not much studied yet but which is important especially at present time due to wide usage of obscene vocabulary in modern literature.

At present the mission of the translator is not only to provide good translation according to standard requirements but also to reflect cultural and mental features of the original language.

One of the problems on the way to attain the adequacy of the translation is the translation of obscene language which became widely used in modern literature (less in mass media) for the last decades. Obscene language is characterized by very idiomatical and very expressive functions. . Obscene language can be referred to as slang variation. Modern literature is flooded with these slang words used by both uneducated and educated people. Though there is no consensus on the limit of this vocabulary usage or whether this vocabulary should be used at all, the problem of adequacy of translation still exists and it is important to study this problem, because not much attention had been paid to this problem lately. The aim of this term paper is to study peculiarities of translation of obscene vocabulary from the published modern fiction.

The following objectives are set to achieve the aim of the work:

To identify the notion of slang

To identify the methods for translation of slang.

The study was based upon the famous novel “Bridget Jones’s Diary” by Helen Fielding translated into Russian by A. Moskvichova. ( Хелен Филдинг. Дневник Бриджит Джонс. М.: Легеос. – 2005г. – 233с.) The author used the method of comparative analysis for identifying the ways of translation from the English — source language into the Russian — target language. . This method applies comparison and confrontation of units of the source language with the same units of the target language.


The concept of slang includes informal, nonstandard words, phrases , expressions and meanings that generally live shorter life than the expressions of ordinary colloquial speech, and typically are formed by creative, often witty juxtapositions of words or images.

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